Reviews for "Acoustica"



The song goes right to the ear,the guitar and the theme goes direct togheter.Great job!


I have no complaints, an excellent example of song composition and playing ability(this is recorded,right?), especially with all the people just remixing music these days. I must admit I heard it while playing buccaneer battle too and had to hear the whole thing. You should put the guitar tabs up somewhere. Myself and a few others would love to play this song.

nice one!

love it

Kool-Aid responds:

thanks alot

I thought you did a nice job.

The majority of people on NG don't actually listen to live music. They only listen to over-paid professionals and music done on a computer-program, or both. Either way, they are used to listening to music that is always in sync to the last nano-second. Little do they know that it is very hard to stay exactly in tune, and when being recorded, you can just stop and pick up 3 seconds ago, you would have to restart the whole thing. I admire your efforts, ignore the over-expecting jerks.

Kool-Aid responds:

thank you very much man

prefect song

If ur on a beach vaction but sounds awesome still