Reviews for "Robots in Ancient Greece!"

Lots of Robots, lots of talking, wheres the funny?

Man, your graphics are great, animations are above average, sound is nice, but its just not...that funny. I assume its supposed to be funny, cause it doesn't work on violence, or have a deep message, or contain any real action. Program some more humor into these Flashes and I think you'll have a major winner on your hands. Top 20 weekly material maybe.

Good Work!

This was a good begining for a series the animation, music and voices were good.

nice gfx

only thing you should work on is leveling out the volume throughout the file, try to find some sound fx, and get some better music. Take it from a smurf. nice concept and anime

good concept and average movie

it was ok but you should improved on sound effects, you got a good sound vote because of the theme song. other than that it was an alright movie and you deserved the award. one more thing about the part at the reception office, the last part of the red "notice" sign reads: "formatted on site" well you spelled the word site as if you were reffering to a webpage or some sort of unusal place (for the good or the bad meaning of the word). well, by the sign you can guess that you were reffering to the word sight which reffers to the eye-related sense.

Fix the damn sound

The sound was crap through most of it. Blasting loud one moment with bad music so i turn it down, then his voice is too quiet so i have to turn it up, and then he's screaming, like as loud as you could get it to go, for a joke that wasn't even funny. I think the idea is a lot funnier than the movie is. ... The thing at the very end was possibly the best part, but why did you make us sit through that shitty song to see it?