Reviews for "Robots in Ancient Greece!"

Chirp Chirp... Chirp?

Hello? Hello....? Oh hi, Uh? Well, I wanted to just review this, um, funny movie and say how much I... I laughed my ass off watching it!

Yes! That was what I wanted to say... yup.


funniest part of the movie was when he fell down the stairs , i never heard such funny screaming before hehahaheha

fuuny nut and bolts!

funny shit and good length of a flash

This Flash is a must see, Two Thumbs Up!

Pete is the best lifeguard and flashmaker evar. This flash rulz can't wait to see the extended version. Props to the rest of Pete's crew, but make the sound better and make more recordings of your band. See ya at the Valley.

It's me Davron!

Hey steve it's me davron.Great toon man.