Reviews for "Robots in Ancient Greece!"

WOw Very Funny

I usually don't give out alot of 10's overall I usaully don't give 10's in any of the categories but this one of the best overall projects I have seen in a long time. The graphics were great the robots looked great when he talked his mouth moved perfectly with the voice. The other robots looked great I loved that green robot "How Many Push-Up Do You THink I Can Do?" lol that was so funny esepcially at the end of the flash. The sound was great for the flash the music that was in there was so funny and cooky just that like techno robot music. The voices were so funny I loved the green robots voice it gave him a good jocky sounding look. The main character is so perfect in the flash just the little guy I love that. I think this is a very promising series. This is one of the only series that I am looking forward to seeing the next episode.

Overall: It was Perfect! 10


funniest part of the movie was when he fell down the stairs , i never heard such funny screaming before hehahaheha

that was awesome

i loved that, theres gunna be more right?

good job

i found that it was a good flash

yeah.. right..

well that was totally not a GIR ripoff