Reviews for "Robots in Ancient Greece!"


A very unique mix of animations, and a very imrpessive style of animations. In the intro it was very peaceful and neat, then went to full humor quickly. The robot character was very neat, and backrounds were very funny with the yellow president robbie and messages. Also the special afffects with the robot voices, and also the plot to have the robots talk in there robot lifes, and the robots poor mopping job was very creative. Music use was well done and helped very much with scene transitions. Voice acting needed some work, but the out bursting sounds and screams were indeed funny.

Overall a very unique look at a poor robot, and how he deals with the problems in his life. Humor style was very fresh, and it was pretty awsome to see him mop that bathroom, lots of humor. Also color use was well done, and animations were smooth and robot expressions and hand gestures were suberb

Well done...

Best scene was falling down the stairs, cracked me up. Sound needs work, voices are okay but audio levels were discontinuous. Good work!

absolutly greatly...


o shit

You know for about 5 seconds, when the robot poop fell from the sky, i don't know why, but I actually felt like I was falling too. I have never experienced it before, it tells me you are a master in caturing perspective and I wish I could see more of that. The drawings weren't unbelievable which shows that your human. i actually stopped watching it in the middle because the plot was kind of slow. The only part that I hatd was when the robot was falling down the stairs, the voice that was screaming sounded like he was 10. Very good. 2 thumbs up(jk) ;)!

Very well Drawn and Animated.... but

The story line needs major help.. but the flash was awsome some of the best in newgrounds.. keep up the good work!