Reviews for "Robots in Ancient Greece!"

good concept and average movie

it was ok but you should improved on sound effects, you got a good sound vote because of the theme song. other than that it was an alright movie and you deserved the award. one more thing about the part at the reception office, the last part of the red "notice" sign reads: "formatted on site" well you spelled the word site as if you were reffering to a webpage or some sort of unusal place (for the good or the bad meaning of the word). well, by the sign you can guess that you were reffering to the word sight which reffers to the eye-related sense.

Insult Robots, fine, Insult Greece, watch yourback

Look man, I'm a greek geek and so I'm going to be earnest with you so that you might make this, which is a good concept, into a better film.

First off drop the shit jokes, make damn sure you don't confuse the Romans with the Greeks which is commonly done, and above all actually look at Greek Archetecture.

I can only assume that you had meant for the Greek building to be the famous Panthenon, however it is much more grande then you had it portrayed, and when I actually visited the area I saw firsthand the utter beauty of the Panthenon.

Just don't humiliate my culture to the extent of that god awful Greek Wedding Flick okay.

I see potential!

Great job! With a little more work, this series will own! But a few things first, many said that you need sound effect. Well, they're right. A few more sound effects could be used. I was confused with the animation, the cartoon looks really good, but there was some parts that could've been better, like when the little dude was transported to Greece. All in all, this was a cool cartoon. The theme sound preety cool, I mean shit, there isn't much web cartoons with own original theme song. The green bot is my favorite character.

About average..

Really, it wasn't anything too new or astounding. The jokes were all really predictable, and half were about poo. The sound needs working. You might try finding some sound effects for, like, when the bot fell down the stairs, rather than just useless screaming. The animation was really about the best thing in here. Just work on that other stuff, and you'll have a good series. I like the concept, mostly.

it bored me...

Dude, you made an effort and as I understand your trying to make a series, right? well, first of all the voice was... ugh... and the theme was... ugh... and the humor was... zzz... the rest was cool, try harder next time, this could be nice!!