Reviews for "Robots in Ancient Greece!"

Wow dude, this kinda sucked...no it was kinda good

This totally sucked dude! nah just kidding...
well its kinda good and all, but at the end...that music is crap, especially the singing part...but the cartooon was good, and the stairs part was best...well uhm anyway this is it...i gave it a 6, dont go crying and all cuz its just a flash animation it wont affect your personal live in any way and bla bla bla what im saying is total bullshit but who cares, all reviews are crap anyway everybody always gives too high scores, everybody thinks li"ke "hahah this was fun...10!!!" well i dont :D well this WAS about all i had to say to you, and well uhm keep up the good works and uhm Jackhamsters are the best animals there are in the entire goddamned world...:D good bye, live long and prosper, tot ziens, auwiedersehen, au revoir or whatever...

Great concept, good writing...

I really liked this episode, and look forward to seeing more episodes of RIAG. This was a nice introduction to the series, setting up the concept and introducing the characters.

I read the author's comments, and wanted to comment on point #2: sound.
I think you're actually quite good at voice acting, and thought the voices were well done. I think you need to do some basic engineering work on the sound itself, though. The sound-levels especially need work. I found I had to keep my hand on the volume knob, because some sounds were really loud and others were very quiet. If I set my volume so that I could hear all of the voices, some of the music and a few of the louder voices were really, really loud.
I think that may be what you were trying to say in point #1: jumpy sound. I don't think it's absolutely required that you fix this episode, but I really do think you should take time to adjust the sound for episode #2.
(if the sound had been more consistent, I would've definately rated this episode 10/10 instead of 7/10)


this rocked

why the 4 you ask? BECAUSE ITS TOO FUCKING LONG!!!

Great Movie

I don't see why people are tripping about the sound. I thought the voice acting was great... except for the whole falling down the staris part. Seriously though, good job! (Nice theme song!)

Nice animation

The animation and character design was very nice. The sound however was awful and it seemed like a 10 year old noob added his voice and "mouthed" sound effects to someone elses great flash movie. It totally did not fit the animation and was extremely muffled and nearly intolerable. The writing didn't seem all that great either. Nothing much funny in it.