Reviews for "Robots in Ancient Greece!"


very nice, voice was a little quiet at beginning and also, Robots?


That was extremely entertaining and damn was it funny, keep up the work, that was real life, and it was FUNNY (little children tend to speak there mind about people who are different)


Holy crap. That was extremely boring. The part where the robot was falling down the stairs pissed me off so much I could kill you. If anyone is reading this review, and hasn't already watched the movie, don't. It's a waste of time.

Solid-Steve responds:

No one listen to this guy. He's a dumbass. watch the movie... or read the other reviews first.


the red robot was the only funny part


Well it's pretty funny. Lol, the bird part in the beginning was cool. Anyhoo, keep up with the good work and I'll be looking forward to the sequal. Man, if a robot ever went to ancient Greece, the world would get f@#$ed up big time.