Reviews for "Robots in Ancient Greece!"

nicely done

good job the song at the end could use some work tho im pritty sure that it would sound better if it had robots in ancheint greece


i love the sound effects when he was falling down the stairs


well firstlY, the graphiCS ive gota say are amoNGst the HIGH DISTINCTION class. Dey were incredible!
but ur sounds just really lacked quality. Wen he falls down the stairs, the recorded sound there was really annoying, and i dont think anyone can stand that sorta type of sound.
But dere sure were some funny bits, but sumtyms dey got really lame
Over all NICE TRY, but WELL DONE! with the graphics. They realli just blew me away with the quality and high standard u present.


This Flash is a must see, Two Thumbs Up!

Pete is the best lifeguard and flashmaker evar. This flash rulz can't wait to see the extended version. Props to the rest of Pete's crew, but make the sound better and make more recordings of your band. See ya at the Valley.

great flash (clap clap, clap)

really sweet flash i really thought it was one of the better ones I had seen lately, plus it was robots, who can't love a robot? They may not be squeezeably soft but they can do..ah..other stuff, like bending.