Reviews for "Robots in Ancient Greece!"

My god ..

Dude(s?) this was such a fine movie, WHY THE F*CK DID U DESTROY IT WITH SUCH LOW VOICES!!!!
u fucking ruined, i think it was soooo funny when the little robot fell down the stair with all the poop at the toilet!! but the scene with the two military robot's was just too long, i know that my opinion surely doesn't count for you, but i think that the voices destroyed a 5/5..

i gave this entry 0/5 because i got so angry over the voices..


Chirp Chirp... Chirp?

Hello? Hello....? Oh hi, Uh? Well, I wanted to just review this, um, funny movie and say how much I... I laughed my ass off watching it!

Yes! That was what I wanted to say... yup.


I thought it was cool and well put together. Long, too :) good job.