Reviews for "Robots in Ancient Greece!"

Fix the damn sound

The sound was crap through most of it. Blasting loud one moment with bad music so i turn it down, then his voice is too quiet so i have to turn it up, and then he's screaming, like as loud as you could get it to go, for a joke that wasn't even funny. I think the idea is a lot funnier than the movie is. ... The thing at the very end was possibly the best part, but why did you make us sit through that shitty song to see it?

Good one...

I liked it! Although the sound could be better, the voices were a little low and the sound was unbalanced. so either it was too soft or too loud at times. other than that good job, cant wait to see next one.

I enjoyed this animation.

Right at the start the picture of the yellow robot, i had that little bank, what made you put that in it ??? Well done with this animation, its a little slow but its still good.

funny but slow

I voted 5 because this was the best I'd seen on the portal for awhile. I thought it was well set up and parts were funny, but the pacing was pretty slow.

This was pretty good

the graphics were nice, but your sound was a bit off, i could barely hear it....fix that and it should be good......

Keep working on it!