Reviews for "p4c-I Know You Wanna Do It"

FUcking killer.

This had a killer groove, man.
I could slay kittens to this song. With a smile. The "video game" sounds kinda took away from teh "evility" for me. But whatever.

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4.42 / 5.00 (+ 0.11)

p4c responds:

lol, didnt have that feeling in mind, but i can see where ur coming from :) the chaotic, ill at ease progression and the grittier sound gives it that feel, i guess. now, lets slay some kittens, byah byahhh!

[will check out your stuff a little later.]


I love the transition! I love this sound! It has a very different feel from start to 0:48, then it goes all computerized awesomeness. Both sides of this song are awesome, and they go together almost... too perfectly.

The bass is funky-FUNK! YOU GOT DA FUNKAY-FUNK!

And it loops perfectly! You should label this a loop imo!

10/10'd, 5/5'd, DL'd, fav'd, aaand now you're on my fav artist list! woo'd!

(I'd like to collab something with yew btw)

Your turn! Go review "Europe V1.13.2" plox!

p4c responds:

yeahhhhyeah BABY! haha i felt creative with this one, i think ill work on it moar. but not now, too busy :)

ill check out ur stuff later when a have a little more time. kaykay? sweet.

Usually i avoid house

Is this the only song like this? If it isnt, im going to check out the rest of the genre.
10/10 5/5 dwnldd
my god i love the bass, also that blipping noise rocks
Cant think of any, except the length
great job!


great song. these sliding sounds are really awesome.

That Bass is Phat

I really like that synth you got there in the beginning, as it really gets you into the groove. The beat also sounds like glue here and there, which makes it even more head bopping. Really nice, phat sound overall, and I like the guitar riff too. :D