Reviews for "p4c-I Know You Wanna Do It"


I liked it, but,it needs diversity, thats what makes elctronic music so magical ;D keep doing like that

p4c responds:

haha will work on it. yeah, the first part starts out a little slow, ill probably glitch more as i expand this. sweet, thanks for the suggestion!

funky fresh

mmmm tasty house :) haha i like this song a lot has a good pace and mixture of sounds. definitely something i can "relax" too ;D
5/5 10/10 420/420

p4c responds:

hehe i guess i did something right. cheers!

FUcking killer.

This had a killer groove, man.
I could slay kittens to this song. With a smile. The "video game" sounds kinda took away from teh "evility" for me. But whatever.

Current Score

4.42 / 5.00 (+ 0.11)

p4c responds:

lol, didnt have that feeling in mind, but i can see where ur coming from :) the chaotic, ill at ease progression and the grittier sound gives it that feel, i guess. now, lets slay some kittens, byah byahhh!

[will check out your stuff a little later.]