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Reviews for "The Park 2"


this was pretty good,, i enjoyed it enough to watch it twice,, good animation, good sound and just plain good work,,,


wow that animation was so smooth i gave style a 10 because i found myself stairing at the preloader the entire time. oh yeah and score 1 lego 0 clay :)

Ha ha pretty good.

Made me laugh.


Pretty cool, you just need to make it longer, more funny, and some stuff which I don't know about
Positive:Good sweet animation, smooth, good lip syncing, nice clear graphics, funny,

Great preloader!!
999999999999999 laps!!!

Negative: a bit short and needs funnier things.

Keep up the good work!!

"I'm behind this tree"

That bit where he hid behind a tree was funny! The bit at the beginning where they were talking though was kinda crappy dude! Make The Park 3! That wud be awesome!!!!!!!!