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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"


I must have the dvd and see the ninthe one
but other than that THIS FUCKING RULES!These Rab
movies are the funniest cartoons ive ever seen in my life well,
Peace out Dave you must keep making these=)


All i can say is, WOW!

the greatest ever!

dude this is awesome stuff if i had the money i would go out and buy the dvd right away!

i love it dude keep it up

Completly , BRILLIANT!

I cant beleive this! This is the best one Ive seen out of the 40! Yes , I bought your DVD. I hope you dont stop this. I'll be sure to keep you supported!

i luv this

I LUV RAB, ITS THE BEST SERIES ON THE INTERNET! MAKE MORE, MORE I SAY!! i think my favorite one was the one with the tv tho, that was awesome, still, this one was great, keep it up