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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"

Not funny.

Well, a friend and I watched this and we had huge blank stares on our faces the whole time. The only time we laughed was when the dog hit the donkey with the chair.

As I've said before, you have talent as an animator but the direction you're taking this series is just not funny. The dog is just disgusting and the rest do nothing but say random, unfunny things.

I guess me and my friend are the only ones here that have good senses of humor since everyone else seems to actually enjoy this crap. Wow...

Great style but...

C'mon. That was so sick. Who wants to watch that? The style's good and so's the animation, but c'mon. Jesus Christ I nearly vomited.

So yeah...

When Donkey said "E is for pants" it reminded me of why I liked the first episode and why I started watching this series in the first place. But now everything is about boobs, porn, and calling everything else gay...

Won't work.

I've only seen the first but when going to the 2nd part It won't play....

nice.why not make it shriek in episode 14?

i was thinking u should make shriek in the next movie like the donkey as donkey cat as cat cat coucin as fiona dog as shriek and hamster as the ginger bread man.