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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"

Not funny.

Well, a friend and I watched this and we had huge blank stares on our faces the whole time. The only time we laughed was when the dog hit the donkey with the chair.

As I've said before, you have talent as an animator but the direction you're taking this series is just not funny. The dog is just disgusting and the rest do nothing but say random, unfunny things.

I guess me and my friend are the only ones here that have good senses of humor since everyone else seems to actually enjoy this crap. Wow...

i dont get it

i dont get it how everyobdy thinks thats so funy? there wasnt anything really funny to it at all to be honest, there was an obvious effort in making it though i give u credit for that but it wasnt that funny, like only the most immature people that spend there lives on the computer with no sense of reality with normal friends or anything would find that funny, i havnt seen ur past ones yet so ill have to watch it, so awsome job on making it but make it funnier

Great style but...

C'mon. That was so sick. Who wants to watch that? The style's good and so's the animation, but c'mon. Jesus Christ I nearly vomited.


i loved RAB1, but they have gone steadily downhill from there. i am not some sort of conservative fucktard but damn man this is just too extreme, for god sakes have some decency!


Sorry to tell you this, but this cartoon is ranked so high do to its reputation, just like the ill will press cartoons. Both of these are just living off their old hype. This cartoon was not funny nor different than rest of the gross-out cartoon genre. Maybe I don't like this because their are so many like it, or maybe it's just not good?