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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"

not as good as the past

I've seen some of the others and they were better than this, they all do need to be a little more mature i mean come on, masturbation jokes are getting REALLY old. So just try something new cuz this flash is SHIT.

Lil long

very long, started to make me chuckle until I caught the big racial slur and the fact that the dogs kept going at it and showing their dick's didn't help either. It had a lot of promise but the gay and racial comments just kind of ruined it.

it wasnt really that funny

iam sry i didnt laugh at all during this flash you tried to make it funny by having them swear all the time but it wasnt really funny maybe for little kids who find swears funny but i didnt sry

Great Graphics but....

I loved the graphics... but the plot is just disturbing... why draw donkeys d*cks ? but what ever floats ur boat lol

Great animation thats all i can say, you should use the skill for something more mature.


is was pretty sick with the one animal with the dick. that guy kind of reacked it for me.