Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"

please make another!!!!!!!!!!

this was totally awesome and i hope you will make another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donkey rapping, hamster creating irrelevance, dog screwing a computer through the disc drive, bunny getting killed (again!) and cat trying to sort out a paradox in space and time. This is lunatic genious at work. Do yourself a favour and watch it now, or if you already seen it, see it again!

RAB Rules!

I hope everyone buys the DVD 'cause I can't be bothered!

ROFL.. man i love this movie...

Why in tha hell isn't this on the front page and at the top of the #1 list?... I mean its been submited for like 3 days now and it has the top score?!?! wtf someone isn't doing there job -=-=-!!GET THIS ON THE FRONT PAGE!!=-=-

Funny enough, retarded baby killer.

I always give you thumbs up, but I have noticed the creativeness in the series is slipping, some might disagree. There also seems like there are less easter eggs in this one, is that true? Or did I miss any, I only counted 3. Great work, and great animation none the less.