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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"

Great Stuff!

Ernie Mac, as much as I respect ones right to an opinion, I don't think you and I were watching the same movie.

This thing was awesome beyond words, and I'm not even a fan of the stuff. I thought the animation was great, the jokes were spot-on, and the story for the episode was actually kinda smart.

I think this one should go down as one of Newgrounds better animations, if not the best.

Great Work...

Yet again another look into the crazy world of Retarded Animal Babies. Great work Dave, but making Dog fuck a disk drive makes me worry about your state of mind! Nonetheless, great work!

Hey if I watched it twice, then its a "10"

Ireally want to see #9, or atleast anoth RAB in the next month or so... Oh well, great job

a bug

on my comp right when it finishes loading the play button is gone

plz fix this so i can watch number 10!

where number nine