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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"

Secret parts!

#1- click on the hamsters when they are playing with the string.
#2- at the end of the movie, wait for a minute.

he he he

i love this episode it's my favorite... my favorite line would have to be bunny's "this shit is da bomb"

p.s. i like the humor from the old ones better than the new i really miss the old stuff like puppy 69ing himself come on thats so disgusting it is funny.

just wondering....... ^_^

how did they get back? and the topless girl thing my friend send you one holding the dog i think did you get? hmmm any ways great job..... LOL perfect 10 woo hoo!!!!

I love all the RABs

You keep up the good work okay. Thank you for creating this. It has been like 2 years since I watched the first 5 and forgot to check in ot see if new ones were added. Good job it was as great as ever


The graphics from when they 1st entered the internet were sweet!1! Also i think puppy needs some help. Alot of help