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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"

dude, you kick so much ass. keep up the good work

Once again, Dave brings us another masterpiece of sex, violence, and all around bad taste humour. Bravo and keep it up

These guys are so hilarious.

I laughed really hard at this particular episode. The way these guys behave sometimes just cracks me up, especially when Donkey got up and started rapping, and then Puppy tried to have sex with the DISK drive...I don't even know what Happy Tree Friends IS.

Nice job!

But the scene with the 2 puppies... erm,well, it was kinda disturbing.
And it are the saddest that u stop making these.NG won't be the same without'em.*sob* *sob*

Anyway, thanks for entertaining us with RAB. Good work, Laddie!

This was AWESOME!!!

This was an AWESOME VIDEO!!! I love it!!! Are they not making anymore, though? that sucks

Creative! This is the best RAB cartoon so far, IMO

Poop jokes and masturbation jokes are good to an extent, but I like this episode the most because the best jokes are neither of the above. This episode has all the high quality of the previous RAB cartoons plus a high degree of creativity that makes me want to see it again. In fact, I think I'll do that now.