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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"

funniest toon on ng ever seen!!

this toon is the best of the series so far im sure the rab series is an influence for animators, it influenced me...but anywayz....all the scenes are so funny....not one scene isnt....puppy realeases his true feelings for himself (lol),you will find out what it is if u watch it. i am an absouloute fan of retarded animal babys...its even my msn meesenger display name....so watch this toon now its abosoulety a marvelous work of flash toon... dave's defentaly my fave artist...should be yours...no more reading just watch the damn toon!!!

Are these guy perverted or what?!

I love this series. But that dog is just fucked in the head. hehe. want more... more! MORE!!!!


that .... that was awfully strange.... the only thing i didnt like about it was the dog sucking himself off, that was a little much..... but it was really good otherwise! keep it up!

Dave, you ROCK!

RAB makes me laugh so hard it hurts! Kepp up the great work Dave! All my 5 are belong to this!

Definitely my favorite flash cartoon series.

I so badly want to show my friends this series, they may find the sexual scenes messed up, but everything else is hilarious. One of my favorite lines in this episode is when cat says, "Yeah I guess we are computer animated characters now...holy sh** are we badly drawn!". I laugh so hard at that line every time. And they make fun of the homestarrunner website, finally! Sorry Strongbad, you just are not as funny as this! I hope you make more, do not stop making them, why would you if they are so popular?