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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"


I found easter egg... SPOILER ALERT! Click on the two hamsters while they are doing that cradle thing... funny as well. 10/10


porn is good for babies you have a son?buy a playboy for him man!

tooo funny

the when donkey started rappin i geeked the fuk out.keep up the hip hop

number 9

where ish episode 9 from rab :O

@below I totally agree.

after i watched number 23, i have watched all of the entire series like 400 times.
theres one thing that i like about it. its that whenever sombody asks, *why arent hey getting older?* you put an answer in the next episode. "continuity bubbles" for instance. that was brilliant. keep on making it!! oh
my favorite part of the series is puppy's dad. Sean connery. :D