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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"


i been waiting like a long ass while for this...i remember u posting something a while back thanks for this u kick some god damn ass playa

its back!!

retarded animals is back and funnier then ever.
good to see another retarded animal babies. one of the all time greatest series on ng. really good job five out of five.

freaking amazing

That was fucking funny dude. I really liked the whole tron thing and espcially the "what would you do if you met yourself?" Hahahaha. I love The Puppy!

When's it going on DVD? If not anytime soon, then I'm just gonna buy the one you have out now. Heh. =)

Great to see you back

I was under the impression that the series was through with and that you were concentrating on career, so I was surprised to see this. Looks like you haven't lost your knack. While previous episodes have been funnier, you continue to refine your animation skills. I have a feeling we can guarantee that this will indeed be the top of the list come Wednesday.


i couldn't stop laughing because of how sick that stuff was i mean the dog jammed his cock into the computer and started screwing it then their in computer which is like tron be caus eof the suits their wearing but still it's as funny and as sick and twisted as the rest,you should be proud of your work!well done!!!