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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"


How come when I clicked on the 10 in the title it sent me directly to the tron part? Was I being punished for fucking around, prodding in places where I shouldn't? Whatever.

I laughed so MUCH.

This is the best of the lot. I laughed so hard during this. Please hurry and make another.

Excellent as usual!

Hopefully you regain more free time so we can see more quality episodes in shorter amounts of time!

Well done Dave, and keep 'em coming.



Holy shit!

This is fucking great. I loved it.

Is this the last RAB because of your job? If so, it's a great way to end the series.

This was, as always with your work...

pure gold. I love your stuff, Dave, and I will never get enough of it. This episode (while a wee bit confusing and disturbing) was as awesome and magnificent. You continue to shock the world and bring laughter to all us disturbed and humoured people. And this was quite the shock to see this on Portal. So YAY!!!! Watch us dance!