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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 10"


That was soo funny! I don't get the part where they suck eachothers dick! that does make them gay!......I think

Quite funny

Yup... lots of other reviews to sum it up. Made me laugh a lot. Would have been better if I didn't have to fight all the pop ups that newgrounds has everytime I click a link. God damned newgrounds.


over all it was another great rab. I'll admit the doggie 69 part was a bit sick and disturbing, but that's one of the reasons i watch the series! All of you guys who say it sucks go get a fucking life, it's called "Retarted Animal Babies" so what do you expect other than dick jokes and shit like that? Go watch Fraiser reruns


Unlike the fucking grammerless morons that tend to give this low scores, I, for one, give it a big 10. I've been waiting a while for RAB10, and I'm glad that it's finally here!

that was great

that had to be one of the best RAB i have seen yet to bad they take for ever to make cause i want to see more