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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.1"

Hmmm very very good

I dont no if i like the remake better it seems everything seems to b a lighter more paler shade wich i do not like very much but the animation it self owns extremely funny. not sure if i like it better yet but none the less i still like it. i think i was just more used to the old characters.


Not much to say other than this is one of the best flash series ever!


The hot lava part is so fucken funny. A few friends and I have a lava joke like that and when I saw that it just made me laugh so hard. The whole ass wiper thing and that fact that no one wanted the water converter. The Ginava and the nispe...Even better.

excellent animation

Funny overall Great!

in my day we walked and we didint need water to wa

lk. and we drank gas cause we were men. so fucking funny its like how me and myfriends act except most of the time we just end up getting stond.