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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.1"

Please go back

Go back to the old style this one is just not as funny or doesnt look as good despite the new changes.

What the hell happened?!

Tomorrows Nobodies Sitcommunism was GREAT! Whats with the new character designs and like no jokes. And there noses are really large. Eric has round hair that isnt the old kind thats spikish, while the greek dude David is a complete idiot. He isn't offensive at all! Jesus man, the old TN's were great and you ruined it. Waste of time.


yuz gotten good styles


...lol that was um a pretty funny flash but it wasn't as laugh out loud as all your other stuff....there were only like 4 pretty funny parts like the defective jaxs and the lava...lol but the rest was kinda boring...but it was a good flash...so i guess the next one will be better......?

it was good but...

it was good and funny and all but your jokes seemedd to go on for too long maybe its just your timing but, the random humor doesent work without the effect of timing.

it was pretty funny but i found myself waiting for it to end due to the lack of humor. and your sound seemed kinda wierd, like there was no emotion. but its still worth at least one watch.