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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.1"

Wicked funny

Great job! The animation, sound, and humor where excellent!


You guys are too perfect for words. every single cartoon you do has gut-busting hilarity, and ball- breaking barrels of laughter. eventually I'll comment all the other vids, but seeing as how I just got my NG account and I need to be up for class tomorrow, I'd best not attempt.


Only discovering this series today, I have begun to obsess over it already. "HOT LAVA!" "OH GOD!"

love to David, and 10 for series!!!


I'm pretty sure your aware of this, but the sound and animation quality really brings this cartoon down. The series took a huge leap with #2 and I personally feel you should get rid of this flash, or replace it with better animation and sound.

It's still probably better then most of the other stuff on Newgrounds, though =P

Movie clips?

Why do these episdoes consist of movie clips?