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Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.1"

Jesus: "I'm gonna get so wasted!"

Now that's my kind of party


So this was entertaining as always you have some nice ideas but still would love some subtitles on this old but classic series but anyways great characters great ideas and some great voices, hope you do make more to this series at some point you have a nice element of animation here

would love some subtitles on this old but classic


My lord this isn't nearly as funny now that I'm no longer 13.

I loved this. The only downside was that I was weirded out how there was no intro or anything. It's the first in a series! I do appreciate how great these jokes are. It's just great to see how dumb people are about not wanting a gas substitute. The animation is fairly good.

I love the lava jokes at the beginning. It's nice to know so many people did that. It could have used music. It's still hilarious. I remember a lot of these jokes from the last time I saw this.

The tomorrows nobodies reboot totally 1-up's itself and is even funnier than ever. Its a shame this series had a short run but it was so sweet. i mean i love the part with the bum wiping ass and everyone is all It doesnt wipe your ass when they show the icarborator. funny shit