Reviews for "HNT: Abusive Reviews"

Hopefully this will help stop this shit.

A pretty good idea of how not to review.
I used to review pretty shitacularly, but then I was banned from reviewing, and they were deleted. I think I am not a pretty model reviewer now.
It's not too easy to review this, seeing as it's not a standard flash, thought It does have superb graphics, and nice sound quality. The originallity of this flash get's you extra points in Style!
This flash isn't that great, but it is very informative, though all it does is state the obvious.
Some funny images used, the one of knox (i think thats him) is a pretty funny pic, the ending picture of "dont be a noob" is pretty funny.
It could be better with some more animation, possibly even adding in some comic examples of noobish abusive reviews (actual ones found on the site), and maybe making it a bit longer.
A good view overall, you earned my 5/5 :D.

JujubeLock responds:

thank j00b, unfortunately I realized after the fact that I should have put in some reviews I have read :/

States the obvious

A pretty good idea of how not to review. It's not easy to review this as it's not a standard flash - technically it's not brilliant, but it puts over some good messages. Some funny images used. It could perhaps have been improved by having a bit of animation and some comic examples of reviewing n00bism, and maybe making it a little longer. A good view overall.

JujubeLock responds:

thanks for the kind words, retired General

Heed this, uncultured swines

I strive myself to write excellent reviews, infact, you can find some of my reviews in my profile, so don't hesitate to look, and tell me if I do them good. I was able on one review which is there to get 14 out of 15 people to agree my review was helpful, I am glad someone is willing to make a film about the matter. See, many people don't review well for the following reasons:

1.They're illiterate, this is normal. Most kids that are going to Middle School are illiterate, and those who are a little more unpopular go as far as to make Newgrounds accounts, then to insult various submissions simply cause they do not have any nudity, or sex, thus only cause their more popular peers like it so, regardless of pre-pubescence.

2.As said above, most people don't like submissions for the same reasons regardless of age, hardcore perverts you can call them as well.

3.They're Hypocrites, they insult every flash they see, calling it horrible cause the story and graphics are horrible, when everyone else disagrees, but you artists out there.. Remember one thing, check them to see if they submitted any flash themselves, if they have, watch them and pass the better judgement of whose flash is better in whichever way you choose, if he has none, then he's a hypocrite.

I saw your "Avoiding Blamnation" flash, and I wish I could agree, you're right, it's just I can make great ideas, I just can't seem to put it well on the flash canvas. I am bad at animation, so I try not to submit anything, it's not the blamming thing that gets me but the fact that it will stay and have a subpar score.

I better stop this long review, or it could fall under the catogory of "Long and Pointless". Farewell.

JujubeLock responds:

Believe it or not, I actually read this. I appreciate you putting this much thought into your review, but you don't have to bash the kids that come here. They are looking to release stress and sometimes they vent it out on the wrong people. However, they can be forgiven because just by coming here, advertisers pay higher sums to the Fulps, so even if they contribute no flash, and leave nasty reviews, they contribute with funds. We cannot reject them from our society, no, we can only strive to show them the light. We can change them through enlightenment, but to do that we must accept that they are different, and understand that change on the path to righteousness can only be done over time.


loller fez.....

JujubeLock responds:

I understand that you are lollering at the fez, but the irony is Lollerskates owns a fez and wears it on occasions. :D


As helpful as you "how not to get your flash blammed". Both of them should be frontpage forever or be a must to watch if you want to join NG. Because if everyone does what the 2 movies say, NG would be a better place.
ps.: I'm fine thx ;)


JujubeLock responds:

Are you fine, or are you superfly?