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if u thought the previous review had comedic value

try this one on for size: tentacle shitting rectal wort. nice eh? yeah i know i didnt make it up but i felt that it was my duty to tell you just in case you hadnt heard it, and if you liked that then you should see the movie: Southpark Bigger, Longer, and Un-cut its quite the funny movie. im sorry that im writing a short review that has nothing to do with your flash but i dont think you really care, AND I HAVE MADE GOOD REVIEWS BEFORE!!! i have, im serious, dont believe me?¿?¿ then go to my profile and look at some o' them and yes i might have some reviews that might be considered "abusive" but they arent that bad and if i did make some the flash definitely deserved it. ahahaha and i bet you want to know how to do the upside down question mark ¿¿¿¿¿?¿ well im sorry but i cant just be divulging that information to everyone now can I? it wouldnt be cool anymore, of course i always have the backwards question mark but im not going to release that guy yet. anyways excellent series. maybe not in graphical quality and such but these are definitely needed

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Fuck you, STOLEN STOLEN. Jk! :) Ye i agree. The point of a reveiw is to help them progress not call them a shit stained leotard!!

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"shit stained leotard" I'll have to remember that for future comedic value

Another good flash

Another good flash. Keep up the good work. I just wish more people would take your advice.

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I do as well.

This was great, so were the other two!

I love this series, but with the newest one about not being flamed....could you bring back the cool robot voice......please?

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sure ^_^

Pretty Cool

Bla bla.Eeet Siht yuo Fuxx0r!!!Tihs Flahs suxx0rz!!BLABLA.. just kidding.
Real nice and funny.i laughed my ass off while watching it, especially the scene with the Police.Make more HNT episodes!

JujubeLock responds:

There are a couple more out currently. I'm not sure if you have seen them or not, if you did, there will be some more.