Reviews for "HNT: Abusive Reviews"

Hear Hear

i don't get it, why would you vote how other people are voting?
it just doesn't make sense.
crazy people.

Nicely done, leading the newbies down the right path!
I salute you sir!

JujubeLock responds:

thank you admiral

The first of good series

I went through and watched all of these and reviews them all. THe onyl problem I had with this is sometiems the Text was hard to read due tio the background color. STill this had soem real good info in it. o many people break the rules. I guess they will just have to have the bad reviews cleared. These flashes should be required for new users to watch.

JujubeLock responds:

Well seeing you are a review mod, I am sure you will work diligently to cleanse the portal of less than stellar reviews. :)

This flash deserves SOME awards...

Don't see how this flash has no trophies on it.

Maybe the system messed up that day - this is a good flash.

JujubeLock responds:

first one in a series, it happens ;)

That was hilarious...

So true... I mean, what point are you going to make going "LIEK WTF! BLAM!" great job!

JujubeLock responds:


i give you a 9

beacuse you deserve it

JujubeLock responds:

thanks :)