Reviews for "HNT: Abusive Reviews"


I watched this and you are absolutely right about abusive reviews. I report them when I hunt them down, really. Glad I'm following the rules, so if you dare to look into my profile and rustle through my reviews, you might tell that I have NO abusive reviews whatsoever. You did a grand job on this one, paisano. Seriously, I like it. Now I know what today's moral is: Don't write abusive reviews, or you might expect consequences. *pats the author on the back* Your hard work is superb. Good job.

JujubeLock responds:

Thanks I appreciate it, and given only one of your reviews are under 10, it is safe to assume that you aren't an abusive reviewer. ;)

Kudos, kid.

Ooh, sophisticated!

I thought it was pretty funny. :) Animation was so-so, though.

JujubeLock responds:

I appreciate the kudos, but I am far from a kid when I have a considerable number of years on you kiddo. ;)

Good job!

I simply love the HNT series, you seriously have to make more!
Okay, there was only one thing i didn't like... The subtitles... Its hard to read, but what makes it better is that the voice was loud and clear to understand... I would advice you to use black letters (Or white, whenever a black background or alike comes by!) or something like that! Otherwise, great animation!

JujubeLock responds:

HNT is coming back, watch the portal.

Nice flash, gets the point across.

I usually don't care for clock/lock/glock/whatever flashes unless they're good. I can't say this was a great flash, as it was little more than Jujube lock and different backgrounds and text. However, it was good considering what the flash is. The way it was done was good, and made it funny. The analogies you used were awesome, such as the police officer and the pile of shit. Even though i don't like the sound of locks, the music was nice. I agree that abusive reviews are annoying, yet my whistle seems to like them.

JujubeLock responds:

You usually don't care for a kind of flash unless its good? Doesn't that statement seem redundant to you? Shouldn't it just be you don't like a flash unless its good?

Great job!

The funniest part was the cow shit representing the one word review. A very well though out movie, also very funny as well. All of the pictures were funny, so great job!

JujubeLock responds:

Thank you, it was a good first installment of the HNT series. It was funny because I expected this to do about as well as my other movies on the portal at the time which were only 2 something at the time, and suddenly this entry did near 3.4 which shocked me entirely. This is when I decided to make HNT a series. I hope you enjoyed the bit of history behind this piece.