Reviews for "HNT: Abusive Reviews"


Jujube, you sure are smart! These rules need to be put in the FAQ.

A must-see funducative movie!

This needs a portrait in the FAQ, because it really teaches with empathy! You even are right about thanking bad reviewers, because they lay chances of improving the whistle level!
Congratulations for making a useful work!

That was quite funny

It's funny because it's so true! This made me laugh even if it wasn't intended, now maybe you should make a flash about people submitting dumb flash in the first place and the portal will indeed; be a better place for all.

JujubeLock responds:

I did; Avoiding Blamnation (HNT)


This isnt auucrate a flash can still be blamed after it passes the portal other then that it wasnt that bad

JujubeLock responds:

it can't, Wade deleting it is different from it being blammed.

i have changed my ways

I will stop swearing, useing caps and actualy make well thought out reviews.
Thank you. (sonic advanced is stolen from a game boy game though).

JujubeLock responds:

I'm glad you have seen the error of your ways.