Reviews for "HNT: Abusive Reviews"

i loved his fez :)

i just saw the Avoiding Blam (HNT)movie u made and i loved it, so im now watching the rest of your movies... well that was really helpful, so ppl dont have to learn it the hard way (as i did :( )!! locks rule <3

JujubeLock responds:

actually I'd prefer you just watched the HNT series, the rest of my work isn't that great :/

Thank you!!

I am afraid to admit it, but poeple have accused me of writing abusive reviews...and I was unaware of what I wrote. Now that I watched this, I understand what I have done and I apologize for anyone who has considered my reviews to be abusive.

I noticed that some of my reviews are missing and I realized that they were removed because they were accused of being abusive.

Leave that as a lesson to all who write abusive reviews.... they will be attacked and removed... and you might be eligible for losing your account.

JujubeLock responds:

I'm glad you have seen the error of your ways.

Very well done

Some people need to see this. This is very well done, and I appreciate someone who makes things like this. 9 and a four for you ^_^

JujubeLock responds:

thanks my lady :D

Short, but good.

It's nice to see a movie like this one. Though, you need to put in something about flooding. It got me banned, and many more as well. Good work.

JujubeLock responds:

heh, flooding is moreso virtually understood netiquette. Though I probably should have noted that.

I recommend this to everyone

Theres a lot of people here who need to watch this, but most will prolly think its just a joke and write more abusive reviews to piss people off. I dont know why people hate the clocks and locks, I think theyre cool I like the voices. ( reminds me of Stephen Hawkings ) I also liked the music in this. You should make more with the same music about how and why not to flame in the forums, etc. Good Job, I think this was great and funny at same time.

p.s. Goodnight Newgroundites ( I like the Newgroundites title for some reason ) lol

JujubeLock responds:

In response to making more, its already in the workings. Check around the portal for my name next weekend. You may be pleasantly surprised.