Reviews for "HNT: Abusive Reviews"

hnt series

this series are the best... great job... plz keep it up!!! however you could change that annoying music :)

JujubeLock responds:

OMG like how could you not like Mouret nor Chopin's "The Entertainer"

don't listen to turdlicker i mean toadlicker

these flashes are definitley helpful i wish more people would do more like this i also saw how to avoid blamnation both of these kick @ss oh yeah one more thing LOCKS RULE !!!! strawberry clocks reign is over,jujube lock is the king of the portal

JujubeLock responds:

spread the word my brave soul, go forth and tell the people of my tale

Great advise for thoes idiotic reviewers!

I agree with this flash, abusive reviewers get annoying after awhile. Calling people faggots is stupid, who says gay people can't make a good flash!? I also reviewed your more recent movie How to avoid Blamnation and some of the same suggestions still stand. Then again some flashes are truly terrible but there is no need to say pointless things. Also I hate reviews where people say "I hate sprites so this movie is blammed!" or "How dare you liberals make fun of George W. Bush!" If you don't like the content of the movie but others who like that kind of thing may like it don't blam it and just don't watch it and get a sense of humor! You have an opinion but so does everybody else. Anyway, great flash keep going!

JujubeLock responds:

Yes, many people who don't like a movie sometimes have to look at it and appreciate what was done well and point out that. Criticism with a compliment, I believe they call it.


I just watched Avoid Blammnation (HNT) and had to see this one. Both are very imformative and funny. Keep up the great work and Hope to see more in the future.

JujubeLock responds:

Oh there definitely will be ;)

Great! I'm recommending it 4 sure!

First of all, I gotta say I messed with the reviews and actually I wrote a review for this flash on your other HNT, sorry about that.

I'll say that both HNT flashes were funny and very useful, some guidelines everyone should keep in mind. I'll have the Blamnation one in mind when I start working on flashes, thank you.

My only complain about these two are the voices; all right all right, it's your crew's standards, but it if wasn't for subtitles, I wouln't have been able to understand some parts.

Apart from that, everything's great. Useful, well explained; funny and simple. And who cares if you're a lock? If people out there don't like locks/clocks/whatever, then don't watch them! This movie is hilarious and helpful anyway, with or without locks... Hum...


JujubeLock responds:

There's some ng politics swirling around clocks & locks, always has been. There will be people who will despise them for their entire ng careers. Its a shame, but most people don't even know why they don't like them; they just get on the bandwagon.