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Reviews for "Sapphire Tears"


I've been listening to a large amount of the music on the trance page, jumping from one to the other you notice that a lot of these people are talented, but what has drawn me to comment on yours is the pure feel it puts forward. It is beautiful, I would not call it Trance, I wouldn't bind it to a genre. It's just a very well put together piece of work. Being a up and coming musician myself, works like this just inspire me further. Thank you for posting this and keep on making wonderful soundscapes. 10/10, 5/5. Well done my friend.

merlin responds:

Stay tuned! Oh, you know it! Thanks for the love, and the wonderful review.

Absolutely Amazing

I always loved Electronic sound, but only just recently have I got into Trance music. I'm considered a 'Musician Porter' on Youtube, and I was wondering if you would let me put this on youtube? I will credit you and everything. 10/10 By the way.

merlin responds:

I would be honored. Thanks for the review, and your time in listening to my song. I'll send you a private message with some information.


It's really good.

merlin responds:

Thanks! Tell a friend!

Reminds me.....

Reminds me of floating through space, seeing all the beautiful things out there. Thats a great song, how did you make it?

merlin responds:

This is a remix of a song I made when I was 17, and going through a breakup. The original was a piano only song, and was called sapphire tears because of the sapphire ring I had bought her. The original was pretty lame, but had the main melody, and I eventually got around to remixing it. I use the program called REASON to make all of my songs.


This is Hot! Its very smooth at first, but it puts up like you said. Its amazing! Now that I'm practicing on my Flash skills(which is at lvl 0 lol) I really want to animate to this piece! With your permission of course!

merlin responds:

I'm pretty much fine with anyone using any one of my songs for anything non-commercial, as long as I get credited! ... and as long as I don't have to sign over the copywrites. You should upload a flash video you've done! I should probably get around to re-eqing this song (though I'll have to upload it as a whole new song, cause you can't edit the song after someone's used it in a flash entry) Just let me know when you're planning on doing this, and I'll get a more crisp copy of it to you! And let me know what format is easiest for you to work with!