Reviews for "Sapphire Tears"

Very Good

The melody and flow are great, the synths are well mixed on the track, with a minor complaint that the beat is a bit buried under all those synths. Other than that, it's a great effort ! The first minute is spectacular !

merlin responds:

Wow! thanks for the compliment, I'll definitely consider re-eqing it to give every instrument a fair chance at your ears.

uuuu nice...

...first of all I like the name of the song as it fits perfectly, again as in your other work "If I had Lungs" the main melody is simple but I love the way you expand it further, the song doesn't get repetitive...

Excellent flow and choice of sounds and effects, loved the part with the piano solo, rhythm is good for this kind of music.

The sound used after the piano part at 2:30 is a bit too high, you could have done it better, and the track could use a better ending, but that is not a major flaw.

Great stuff, I liked it and as I said in my other review if this is a solo project then it deserves a perfect score, but this one is actually better than that other track, so in whole honesty I can safely say that It deserves a high spot here on Newgrounds, It's that good, no major flaws, the song is what it is, there are better tracks than this but I like it the way it is, keep it up ;-) ...everything can be unique in one way or another so there can never be the ultimate so I give it 5/5 10/10

merlin responds:

Thanks for the input, Bobox! Yeah, my music is all solo project of mine. I don't know a whole lot about anything other than just the composition of the music, so I tend to bumble my way around the EQing and Mastering. What a great way to start off my day by reading such nice words from a complete stranger! It's people like you that keep my hands on the piano!

Energetic, yet relaxing.

I've heard songs like this that made you sad, energetic, happy, angry, ect. But, this is the first I've ever heard that has made me relaxed as well as energetic. Its like the song just flows into you and calms you down while filling you with energy. This is a song I could listen to all day. You are defiantly one of the best authors I've heard in a long long time.

merlin responds:

Thanks for the review! This is actually the oldest song I've made that I'm willing to share with newgrounds. It's over 3 years old. There's a lot of work that could be done on this song, but they're all just subtle changes, I think. I'm glad you liked me song, and thanks for such a great review! I'm always trying to make songs that are original in every way I can do it.


excellent work

great job with this

your use of the tune was excellent really matched the mood of the song

and the title you gave it matchs as well

5/5 great job :D


merlin responds:

Thanks for the review! The original song I made had lyrics, and was a lot slower. This ones sort of an instrumental remix.



You ncan really feel the soul of thins song just....wash through you.
A lovley tune to be sure!