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Reviews for "Sapphire Tears"


very good anr relaxing
keep up the good work

merlin responds:

Thanks for the input, its people like you that keep people like me composing!


I like this track, both ambient and trancy, it sounds as best in the beginning though, gets a bit too sharp for my liking after that. If you could tone down the main line abit it would be great, disturbs the overall feel for the song a bit. Otherwise it's very wellcomposed, keep up the great work!


merlin responds:

Thanks for your input, I'll see what I can do! Cheers!

Very Good

The melody and flow are great, the synths are well mixed on the track, with a minor complaint that the beat is a bit buried under all those synths. Other than that, it's a great effort ! The first minute is spectacular !

merlin responds:

Wow! thanks for the compliment, I'll definitely consider re-eqing it to give every instrument a fair chance at your ears.