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Reviews for "Sapphire Tears"


Me and my girl freind have been going through some rough times lately, iv been trying to find a way to fix things, this song makes me nostalgic so I ended up thinking and I talked to her, everything is fine now and its thanks to you.
thank you so much
5/5 plus fave, and its going on my psp so I can listen to it later, beautiful song!!

merlin responds:

You're welcome :)


Alright... I love this song! It's definitely going onto my mp3 player as soon as I am done writing this. But yeah, as soon as it started I was hooked. It's calming and just gets me feeling good for no reason. OL!

Anywhos, great job on this! You just got yourself a new fan! =D

merlin responds:

Thanks for the two great reviews! Sadly most of what I've been doing lately is just acoustic stuff on my guitar, but hopefully I'll be able to get some new stuff out pretty soon. Stay tuned!

Pure Talent

This song is what is making me go and replace my broken i-pod, just so I can have this on it. it's calming, but not boring, has lots of different noises, and none of which are annoying. You are awesome and a wonderful composer please make more. 5/5 10/10

merlin responds:

It's always been a dream of mine to create songs that effect people in the way that my favorite songs effect me. It sounds like I've done that, through you, and I swear I could not be happier to hear your review. Thank you so much.


Spectacular work man, very relaxing and calming but also with a hint of rock. Definitely 10/10, 5/5 material. What really would have made this song 100/10 euphoric material would be a crazy explosion about a minute of time. It's just my personal taste to have that in songs, probably just from hours and days of me listening to post-rock. Still a great tune though. Keep up the good work.

merlin responds:

Thank you for not only taking the time to listen to my song, but the effort to comment on it. I really appreciate it. I'm sure one of these days I'll boot up the ol' sapphire tears, and definitely take to heart what you said.

uuuu nice...

...first of all I like the name of the song as it fits perfectly, again as in your other work "If I had Lungs" the main melody is simple but I love the way you expand it further, the song doesn't get repetitive...

Excellent flow and choice of sounds and effects, loved the part with the piano solo, rhythm is good for this kind of music.

The sound used after the piano part at 2:30 is a bit too high, you could have done it better, and the track could use a better ending, but that is not a major flaw.

Great stuff, I liked it and as I said in my other review if this is a solo project then it deserves a perfect score, but this one is actually better than that other track, so in whole honesty I can safely say that It deserves a high spot here on Newgrounds, It's that good, no major flaws, the song is what it is, there are better tracks than this but I like it the way it is, keep it up ;-) ...everything can be unique in one way or another so there can never be the ultimate so I give it 5/5 10/10

merlin responds:

Thanks for the input, Bobox! Yeah, my music is all solo project of mine. I don't know a whole lot about anything other than just the composition of the music, so I tend to bumble my way around the EQing and Mastering. What a great way to start off my day by reading such nice words from a complete stranger! It's people like you that keep my hands on the piano!