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Reviews for "Sapphire Tears"


I listened to the whole melody and I dont remember it hahaah. So I listened again and it is a nice background music that s it I guess

merlin responds:

Thanks for the love! Sorry it wasn't more rememberable.


It's really good.

merlin responds:

Thanks! Tell a friend!

Absolutely Amazing

I always loved Electronic sound, but only just recently have I got into Trance music. I'm considered a 'Musician Porter' on Youtube, and I was wondering if you would let me put this on youtube? I will credit you and everything. 10/10 By the way.

merlin responds:

I would be honored. Thanks for the review, and your time in listening to my song. I'll send you a private message with some information.


I've been listening to a large amount of the music on the trance page, jumping from one to the other you notice that a lot of these people are talented, but what has drawn me to comment on yours is the pure feel it puts forward. It is beautiful, I would not call it Trance, I wouldn't bind it to a genre. It's just a very well put together piece of work. Being a up and coming musician myself, works like this just inspire me further. Thank you for posting this and keep on making wonderful soundscapes. 10/10, 5/5. Well done my friend.

merlin responds:

Stay tuned! Oh, you know it! Thanks for the love, and the wonderful review.


This brings back old memory's of a fight between mij Ex and here cousin, just great how you know to touch a mans feeling like this,

*psp qualified*

merlin responds:

I'm grateful for you and you psp!