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Reviews for "Carf-DragonFly [ext version]"


The intro is standard recipe:p I enjoyed it from the classic part.. nice transitions over to the takeoff part as well:) I hate the vocals:p Probably because I've heard them in x-numerous songs before.. hehe:p The only thing that surprised me was the bassline. Why didn't you change tones? I can hear at least 4 notes that would fit to make it more bouncy :p

Well, keep up the good work:D You're getting there!

Carf responds:

Nice rev. Thanks for your point of view. Altrough its your point of view and for my own feeling the track is done. I didnt feel the need to *add* more tones in it, cause it would bring to much chaos in the track. Its a direct hardstyle style straight from Holland so maybe if you would check out some of that stuff you would hear that it follows all the rules of the guide ;).

Not stopping with making music until my last breath. ;)


Where on earth did you get this talent? Wherever you got it, I want a piece! This is mad awesome!

Carf responds:

Just 14 crazy years of playing around with music software :).
And dare to experiment. Thanks for the review :).


I'll give you the full, um, score I gave the other song, but... I really wouldn't if it wasn't for the non-fully electric songs. I just don't like that kind of stuff. T_T Oh well. Its a nice song, and now I can review it in full.

I absolutely hate the intro, but thats just because its my opinion since I absolutely positively hate vocals. Especially when it says "BASE" or w/e it said. Now that i've listened to the intro more fully I appreciate the hardcore-ness more, the intro just made me zoom past the whole intro though =P. You did a nice job keeping it non-repeditive by putting in the softer part.

At around 1:30 it gets pretty nice, its like a mix of hardcore and soft-ish, without being too bad, it sounds realistic enough to be creative, it has a non-repeditive tone, but then you put in that vocal again... >.<.

Anyway, This is a superbly well-done song for this song not being a remix of some song already made. Congrats dere person ;3

Carf responds:

Thanks for the well devined review, its much appriciated :).
New things will come up shortly, but you can find a lot of my *other* work which I do
with a friend under the name Creactive Labs.


Damned good man! You're the first one in a while to earn a ten from me so heres why: Immense synths, great composition, raveable, variation and the fact you were so damned brave to mix genres makes it truly deserving of that 1 extra point. Damned cool.

10/10 & 5/5
Love & peace.

Carf responds:

Thanks for your opinion and vote, its much appriciated. I am really proud that this song got such a warm welcome on NG :).
Keep an eye on it cause there is much more to come!

Peace back dude!


I like the transitions between genres of music, but the intro is not so interesting and maybe too long (im guessing its becouse of ext ver?)... Anyways, great job, like the lead mello!

Carf responds:

You hit the right spot my friend. The intro has been a major issue for myself... struggling for two hours to make it *more intresting* but basicly its 12 bars of bass...so I made up my mind and left it blanc without any other kinda effect or sounds to make the mid-part more intresting... to be honoust, I dont like it either BUT if I would have given it more sounds... it would get a struggle with a decent in and outro for only those 12 bars...while my intension was to let the first 8 lines of Piccatto Violins fade in nicely... decent feedback ;) I like.