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Reviews for "Carf-DragonFly [ext version]"

i liek...

How it starts out all hard/heavy and gose soft and brings back the hard << sounds prev-y, owell..


Carf responds:

Thank you for your review :)


now thats HARDSTYLE. for sum reason reminds me of SMD - Helemaal Kapot (Feat MC Renegade)

great stuff manzz keep it up.

and if u listen to my music it sucks cus i have no programs to make music, so i use pieces of other songs :\

Carf responds:

Thanks for the review. its appriciated, and we all start at lv1, just dont give up :)


I really don't have a problem with this, but it's not really hardstyle. It sounds more like Nustyle gabber with a hardstyle-ish melody. I was so pumped to hear your kick (which is very nice btw) change pitch with the melody, giving it that true hardstyle feeling.

Don't be offended by this, I really, really enjoy this track. Just trying to help you out.


Carf responds:

Oi Nate, thanks for the rev, its much much appriciated.
Altrough I dont get into the *is this hardstyle or not* discussion, I know what i do, being a dutchie and living IN the scene itself.
Rather from you I espected some pro's and cons in style and creation.
Well, hopefully next time some more inspiring words from the master himself ;p.

Keep up the good work and read my comment to maybe understand this piece of project a bit more ;).

"Hardstyle my style everywhere i go"

Hard style would never die!!!!, keep going toward the bits and crazy metalic giutar.

Carf responds:

Crazy metal? Nah, maybe for listening, not for creation ;)


Cant say why, but i cant stop listening to this... to the point where its almost concerning, Oh well! Untill i can hear again, Great song, love it.
If you were to do another in this mood or whatever, Id listen/review/down!

Carf responds:

well its your lucky day, I am going to work out a concept for a cd with only classical influent hardstyle tracks. there is a complete story involved within the tracks.
Thanks for the review, always appriciated, especialy for the people who keep a serious eye on my do's and donts.
The next one is up already BUT its a preview. You can find it under Dragonfly2 WIP.