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Reviews for "Carf-DragonFly [ext version]"

I liked it.

I really like how you did this one. Both the classical and trance-like portions were quite good, and I especially liked the transitions. The strings seemed to sit nicely underneath the synths. B-b-b-b-BASS. Nicely done, sir. (Madam?)

Carf responds:

Sir it is ;0.
Thanks for your rev, always like to hear what other people like and dislike about it. Better then the standard **I rly liek thzz trax!!1** No offence to that but still...it doesn't help me finding out what people are looking for.

Anyways, lots of experiments done in this track, althrough the strings can be MORE orchestral then they are now...I just like to hear an explosion of srings. But maybe I will come up with a remix later this year ;)


TEACH ME!!!! plz T-T ive got a program caled fruity loops XD what do u use? also im very willing to learn any tips for beginners anything i just wanna learn!

Carf responds:

Well... 14 years of mad experience ;0, but on the bright side (for you) I work with FL aswell ;). Just try try try and try and dont give up, read, listen to other people, collab and see how other people work, learn the tools and check tutorials on youtube. Rome wasn't build in one day, this track neither.

its good

i really liked the start but when it slowed down it was like basshunter which was ok but i didnt like the zelda bit, it was a bit to fairy but still it was a very win track...
keep it up man...

Carf responds:

The main idea is to merge Classical music with the digital style of these days. Trying to do something different then all the people who want to sound like HeadHunters and peeps like that.

Well it's definitley not trance...

It's Hardstyle.

However, that makes it much better. Huge fan of hardstyle, great track. Good job dude.

Carf responds:

It is definitely not trance indeed but sadly NG does not give me any other option to upload this in a more specific genre ;).
Anyways, thanks for the (small) rev ;).

ext version

its only like 35 seconds longer than the first one lol. i was expected at least a few minutes :P

Carf responds:

The mid section is completely edited, way longer and much more fuller with sounds... maybe you should recheck it ;p
thanks for the rev.