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Reviews for "Carf-DragonFly [ext version]"

not jest good,dam'n good

this would be a good song to listen to while play a bullet hell game during a boss fight.

Carf responds:

yeah i wonder how games and hardstyle will mix... ;0
Maybe I should concider creating one of my RPG's with a hardstyle twist ;).

"syndrome of download"

Ha, you caught me, I am often guilty of downloading tracks without reviewing. Not out of apathy, but out of insecurity. I just enjoy the music, I don't understand how it works, otherwise I would try my hand at composing/programming; And make a habit to critique others how I think it could be improved.

Well, here's a shot, I really like the way you successfully incorporated the classical into the hardstyle. I was trolling around for more trance to listen to and stumbled upon your song. As I read your comments, I was even more enthused because I was given a promise of the hard vs classical music. The transition was great, subtle, yet defined.

If I must find faults, I found the song a bit repetitve after the first classical part, and that the energy level kindof plateus, not climaxes -- but that's not a sin in trance. ;-)

Overall, great song, and an worthy addition to my hard drive.

Carf responds:

Well a BIG THANK YOU for leaving a rev ;0 much appreciated especially if you don't know what to write down, you seriously left a long one (compared to the standard size). Anyways, your *faults* are just those things which I like to redo, give it just that bit more atmosphere, edit the synths and I want MOAR STRINGS!!!

But that is future music... till that time we have to deal with this version ;).
Thanks for the allocated space on your hdd ;).

And don't feel unsecure bout leaving reviews, ALL creative people at newgrounds love to hear what other people think ;).


Hahahaha, loved the beginning, when the sounds boggled through my head, from ear to ear

Carf responds:

As Hardstyle SHOULD! Make you wanna bounce your head ;)

cool mix

kinda gave me a gaming role playing feel like somein ouuta zelda but it was still entertaining

Carf responds:

Well an RPG with Hardstyle would not be a bad idea ;0.
Thanks for the rev, its very much appreciated.

Love the song

Very good and unique. Loved the strings part and how you eventually sort of blended them both together near the end. Very good!! Just a touch more blending of the strings and techno for a grand finale and it would have been perfect!

Carf responds:

Thank you for your kind words. it was a very nice experiment and I hope to do some more in the future. BUUUUT a remix will come up one of these days, still had to much idea's to leave it as it is now.