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Reviews for "Carf-DragonFly [ext version]"

Insane Goodness!!!

An amazing blend of classic and hardstyle music. I simply love what you have made here and hope to see more and more from you!

Carf responds:

More willl come for sure, you only never know when with me ;)


This is the sweeetest Trance song ive heard on newgrounds

i love tha fact u added some words
even tho its only 'bass' it still makes the whole song 100% more interesting to listen too...!

Make more like thiss tisss sickk

Carf responds:

Intresting feedback, thanks! I will keep this one in mind ;).
Adding voices is not an easy thing todo but this was worth
the effort ;)


Seriously, I've had this tune stuck in my head for so long. >_<
Keep up the awesome work!

Carf responds:

Hope that is a good thing ;0
Just wait for part two, then you can choose what you want to listen to (in your head).


I really like this song.
I love hardstyle, i love the melodic elements in this genre of music and this track conveys that melody perfectly.
This should be played at qlimax 2009
Imagine a newgrounds song being played live at qlimax by headhunters or showtek, how sweet would that be.
downloaded ;)

Carf responds:

Well you just hit the right spot dude. I started this track after Mystery Land last year with the wish that this would be played next year, sadly LOTS of other things came in between in my personal live but today was a proof that this track really need a nice upgrade and has to be send to Scantraxx. If so... I will let you know. See you at the next Qdance? ;)

hell yeah!

the question whas never if,
the question was when
and the answer is right about nowwwwwwwwww
big 10/10
and big up that shit you smoking bastard!

Carf responds:

Don't worry bro, we share the loot ;)

Yeah, gonna celebrate it with a big one in about 30 minutes :0
Goodlife livin in Amsterdam ;O)

Got to check your new studio asap :)