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Reviews for "Carf-DragonFly [ext version]"

Nice Mix!

I think Trance is underrated, but it's still good.

Carf responds:

Yeah... blaim newgrounds, but at least you found the track ;)


Some nice elements in here, I enjoyed it.

Carf responds:

More experimental then seriously created as a hit... but it did the job right ;)

Great front end sound!!!!!

Trance doesn't do much for me, but the sound at the front of this song was very cool. How or where did you come across it....it is fucking awesome. Great job on the mixing, something I am trying to learn about. Nice job overall!!!!

Carf responds:

Eeerw... I did not come accros it...I just created it ;) every single tone of the classic part and all sounds in the hardstyle part are 100% me. 14 years of crazy experience by just playing and trying and keep believing that one day I will create something that will make me proud of what I am doing...and it happend ;)

good song

I like the song, but as others have said , iy does not sound very trance to me.

Carf responds:

Blaim newgrouds, lets rise and stand guys and FORCE them to create a hardstyle section. Let all newgrounds musicians create a hardstyle track and flood the other genres with it ;p.
Aaarg evil toughts on monday, nasty ;)

Thanks for the rev!

Good song.

A well mixed and great song. Only thing that bothers me a little is it has elements of trance in it, but I wouldn't list it as a trance song. Other than that, absolutely amazing.

Carf responds:

Yeah yeah... not trance... I know... blaim Newgrounds... but the ongoing debat of trance, not trance is not the issue, you left something because you liked my track and I like that so, a huggle out of Amsterdam ;)