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Reviews for "Carf-DragonFly [ext version]"


I enjoy trance/techno/rave songs w/e you like to call them this is another I liked and the classical part is a nice peice in the song keep up the good work

Carf responds:

Trying to be different is not always easy, still this one worked out great :)
Thanx for the rev!


Very well done, and I liked the classical bit. It reminded me of something, though I couldn't say what. I enjoyed it. ^^

Carf responds:

It remind you of Carf ;) Cause all of the lines are a 100% genuine me.
Thanks for the rev!

Flippin' Sweet

I'm not a particularly big fan of classical parts in the middle of music, but in this song, I have to say it fits perfectly. My only complaint about it is that the classical part seems to come too early in the song.

Carf responds:

It was the story how it was told when the writter picked up his digital pen and started writting...sometimes I am not in total control, this may sound weird but I have really tried to make a *normal* intro with a melody and stuff but it just... didnt..do...the job...as I had in mind...so it was a creative desicion to do it like this.
Thanks for the rev!


Not alot of people can perfectly balance and incorporate classic and trance together. But you did an amazing job keep up the good work.

Carf responds:

It is just the start of a complete story ;)
Come back for more then DF2 will be finished!

Very nice

I can tell a lot of work was put into the song
and it came out very nice.
The style is very creative! so good job with that

keep up the good work

Carf responds:

The idea started after Mystery Land last year, I wanted to make hardstyle with a different approach. I hate being standard so it need to have its own sound and story. That is when I came up with Classical/hardstyle.