Reviews for "Tetris Theme"

awesome remix

that was awesome....
you should try remixing some other songs some other time........
but still im giving it a 10/10
excellent job


This bring back great memories! This remix rule in all points, It rocks, it keeps the original calm of the tune and some little freak out sound fits well in the track and keep the listener unbored! Maybe the only thing I could say it's that it doesn't loop and isn't "AMAZING" it's just really good.

However, I can't deny that this is a really catchy and enjoable remix of Tetris!


Needs more "pizzaz." I wouldn't say amazing, it's just good ;]

Stage3-1 responds:

Yeah. It's kind of just a note for note type of deal. It wasn't anything to special to me when I made it. I always try to put more into songs now. Thanks.


The tetris song is ok, and you played it well, but using your instrumentation: I didnt liked it. Sorry :(.

Stage3-1 responds:

No problem.

Not bad.

You did alright, but there is nothing really special about this peice of work. Try changeing the intruments and syncs next time.

Stage3-1 responds:

Yeah, no doubt. It was something I slapped together many years ago. I'm still satisfied with it for what it is.